Does cleaning a roof make it last longer?

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Does cleaning a roof make it last longer?

Regular cleaning can double the life of the tile roof. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, your tile roof won't last as long as it should. By cleaning the roof, you can extend its life expectancy by up to twice the remaining lifespan. One reason to clean the roof is to extend the life of shingles or other roofing material.

While algae isn't harmful to asphalt shingles, moss is, according to ARMA. Moss can cause the edges of shingles to bend upwards, making them more likely to come off the roof when it's windy. Regular roof cleaning makes it last longer, helps prevent damage and improves exterior appeal. A clean roof is, of course, more attractive.

Stained and stained roofs diminish the curb appeal of your home and make it more difficult and less lucrative to sell it. However, roof cleaning isn't just an aesthetic consideration. The good news is that roofing materials are designed to last for decades, so cleaning is often the most sensible option if the roof is simply contaminated by dirt, mold, or algae. Other signs to consider when cleaning the roof are the presence of fungi, algae or moss that may be accumulating outside the line of sight.

Although some homeowners are under the impression that having a warranty exempts them from cleaning their roof, most manufacturers include cleaning as a regular maintenance for which homeowners are responsible. Another possible problem with cleaning roofs is that the cleaning product used (usually bleach) can damage any garden plantations or vegetation that grows near your home. There are many other reasons why you may need to clean your roof more often or do additional roof maintenance than normal. If you're looking at the ceiling and you think it looks a little worse because of the wear and tear, you might just need a good clean.

This is the same reason why you need to do regular cleaning for your rain gutters or schedule cleaning upkeep from your trusted gutter cleaning company like Gutter Cleaning Newtown CT. The main objective of a gutter system is to drain water far from the home. It ought to be clear of debris as well as blockages to stay clear of a prospective leak on your roof covering or ceiling. An obstructed gutter can additionally cause substantial water damage.

Doing a professional roof cleaning every one to two years can help extend the life of your roof by 10 to 20 years. In short, roof cleaning should normally take at least 5 to 6 years with a little help on your part. Roof care and cleaning is often forgotten until a problem arises, when in fact they should be part of regular home maintenance, such as mowing lawns, landscaping, or repainting. Gentle cleaning usually takes two to five hours to complete; you should gently wash the ceiling every one to two years.

If you decide to clean your ceiling, be sure to use a professional company that uses the right cleaner. According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA), algae grows on roofs in areas where water or moisture accumulates. But before you decide which route is best for your home, you should learn about the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning and replacing roofs.

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